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Thanks to the wonderful world of Pinterest, there’s no longer any excuse for a lack of creativity and charm in your M/I Home. This blog post features some of our favorite recent pins featuring plenty of décor ideas to spice up any room!

Go bold! Adding multiple colors and a clean white trim can be a great way to take a simple room and breathe some life into it. Choose 2–3 complementary colors and separate them with the white trim to really make a room pop.

Why should inspirational quotes be kept in the living room and bedroom only? Introduce a fun pop to a powder room with a framed quote or a humorous sign. Add some glass jars with cotton swabs and other bathroom essentials and you’ve transformed blank space into an eye-catching feature.

Mason jars painted on the inside can convert an old classic into a chic vase. These jars especially look great with light pastels and can fit on just about any counter or desk. We just love DIY projects like these, not only because they’re affordable and easy, but also because they really look great alongside other decorative pieces!

All you need is a couple boards and columns and you’ve got yourself an attractive entryway table. You can also use a wide array of other items to build your own unique piece of furniture. Get inspired with a trip to a local used furniture or vintage store.

Grab a can of Krylon’s Looking Glass spray paint and you’re on the fast track to some adorable lamps. The spray paint leaves a trendy, mirror-like finish on glass surfaces and is an excellent way to renovate your old lamps.

Pinterest is full of amazing DIY projects, interior design inspiration, and more. Follow us on Pinterest for more inspiration!


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