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We can’t all have a personal storage unit in our homes. I mean, it would be nice, but the idea is a little crazy. Some of us don’t even have access to an attic or an available closet that can hold that extra wrapping paper or those old photo albums.

Luckily for you, we have some easy home storage ideas to help you with any unwanted clutter around your home.

De-Clutter Your Kitchen

Let’s start in the heart of the home – your kitchen. It can be hard to keep things such as snacks or wine bottles organized and stored away in your pantry, cabinets, or shelves.

Pots and pans, cutting boards, and baking sheets can get disorganized in a heartbeat. In order to prevent chaos from wreaking havoc on your cabinets, try using a cabinet divider where you keep your cutting boards or baking sheets in individual slots.

For pots and pans, you can set up racks on a kitchen wall or inside your pantry where you can hang the utensils by their handles. This gets them out of the way, adds a little more room in your kitchen drawers, and actually adds a decorative touch to your space.

If you don’t want wine bottles using all of your open counter space, I have some great home wine storage ideas to get that precious cargo stored away. There are tons of fun DIY projects you can try out.

One option that is very popular doubles as a table as well as storage. This is great because it gets bottles off of the counter, and you gain space on the top of the rack to store things. Some come with a place to hang glasses, which helps to relieve your cabinets. A storage piece like this can dress up your kitchen and give it a modern look.

Don’t Work in a Mess

Many of you have an office in your home, but some of you might be working from home in a makeshift office space. Some home office storage ideas to help organize your work area include risers, drawer dividers, and even cute mugs.

Shelves are a quick fix to relieve your desk of any extra mess, especially if you are using risers that sit atop your desk. If you have small containers for pens, paper clips, or even a stapler taking up valuable desk space, you need to get a riser, which is basically a shelf that rests on a surface. Doing so keeps the items accessible to you, but out of your way when you are hammering out essential tasks.

There are many drawer dividers out there to keep your pens away from your sticky notes, your sticky notes away from your binder clips, and so on. When a drawer is organized, you’ll find that you can fit more in there than you thought possible.

Of course you need a cute mug to have your morning coffee, but did you ever think to dress up your desk with one while storing pens or pencils? The great part about using a cup or mug to hold your writing utensils is that you don’t have to go shopping, you can just raid your kitchen cabinets.

Decorate Your Rooms with Storage Space

Keeping toys and games out of sight when playtime is over can be difficult, so why not add a toy storage bench to the kids’ rooms or the game room? All of the fun can stay in the room, but it will look great and you will have additional space on top for other toys or stuffed animals.

Clothing is another nuisance – what are we supposed to do with our winter clothes when it’s approaching warm weather? Some might put their sweaters in clunky bins and shove them in the attic or at the top of their closet, or some are clever and get long bins that fit under a bed. You will save closet or attic space while hiding things this way.

Adding a storage ottoman to your room will not only add character, but it will also add space. An ottoman can be put at the foot of your bed and hold magazines, books, or maybe some jackets or hats.

Are You Ready to Save Space?

If you’re feeling like you have clutter in main areas of the home, but don’t think you have the storage space, trying getting creative in adding room for these unwanted items. When it comes to cleaning up and finding storage space, where there is a will, there is a definitely a way.

What kind of storage techniques are you implementing in your new home?


Dan O'Malley
Dan O'Malley


Dan O’Malley is the Vice President of Product Development for M/I Homes.With over 30 years of expertise in residential architecture and design, Dan has been overseeing the product needs of the company's 16 divisions located throughout the Midwest, Southeast, Nashville and Texas for the past 12 years. Before joining M/I Homes, he was a partner in the Chicago office of BSB Design, a national residential architectural firm, for 14 years. Dan is an expert in all aspects of single-family and multifamily design and has received several awards for his successful projects. He is also a popular speaker at various industry events, including the International Builder’s Show, Midwest Builder’s Show, and Multi-Housing World.

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