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Lots of exciting steps are about to occur as you help your clients find their dream home: they’ll browse online, tour a model, and make some big decisions.

To avoid feeling overwhelmed and instead stay organized, it’s vital that you guide your clients to make a home buying wish list before they get too far into the process.

Put together a new home wish list quickly with these helpful tips!

Open-Concept First Floor Living Area

What Should a New Home Wish List Include?

Once they’ve been preapproved, your clients will need to spend some time thinking critically about what exactly they’re looking for in their next move.

Here are the requirements for a new home buying wish list:

  • Commute Times: work, things to do, family, etc.
  • Floorplan Features: main-level living areas, all bedrooms upstairs, etc.
  • Amenities: any community features such as clubhouse, pool, etc.
  • Lawn Maintenance: if homebuyers are comfortable maintaining their own property or would prefer an HOA do it
  • Nice-to-Haves: additional home features that aren’t must-haves, but would be nice, like a covered patio, fireplace, breakfast nook, soaking tub, etc.
Owner's Bathroom

If your buyers are having trouble getting started or agreeing on the same choices, have them take a fun quiz to find out what home is right for them.

Believe us: settling on these decisions as early on as possible will alleviate headaches and make everything much smoother down the road.

Be patient with your customers! This process isn’t always as easy as it seems, and you want to make sure every decision-maker feels heard and gets to contribute.

Now that you have their must-haves and nice-to-haves, you can start to work with our team to set up some tours at communities that fit these preferences!

New Home Community With Lake

First-Time Homebuyer Wish List

A wish list for first-time homebuyers will need to be slightly more in-depth, and you may need to help them get started and know what types of things to look for as well.

Getting started with buying a home can often be intimidating for first-timers, but sending them helpful guides about the process will help grow their knowledge and give them resources to boost their confidence.

Coach them about common first-home features, what benefits there are to new construction, and what will be different about owning vs. renting.

Homebuyers Standing Outside Townhome

Once it’s time to take the next step and consider a specific homebuilder, make the process as smooth as possible to help your clients feel prepared with questions to ask, what to expect, and what to bring.

If you’re unsure of what this entails, consult a guide that lays out what buyers should do when shopping for a new home.


Reyna Estrada
Reyna Estrada


Reyna Estrada has been with M/I Homes since 2008. As a National Manager of Internet Sales, the team mission is to serve our customers on their online home buying journey with speed, efficiency, and world-class service. Reyna and her family have lived in North Carolina for over 20 years, and they enjoy world traveling and volunteering in the community.

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