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If you’re getting ready to decorate (or re-decorate) your home and want to make sure you nail it, you’ll love these tips from Christy Scanlon of Masterpiece Interiors, an esteemed interior design firm based in Florida. We asked Christy 5 questions about how to best use color and pattern throughout interior décor.

What role does color play in interior design? What role does pattern play?

The use of color plays such an important role in interior design. Many different emotions are evoked depending on the colors used.

Brighter colors can create the feeling of excitement; more subdued colors can make a room feel more intimate.

Colors can be used to calm emotions for relaxation and energize for productivity.

Determine what your design goals are in your space to determine how to apply the perfect color(s).

Girl's Bedroom With Bright ColorsHome Office With Soft Grey Wall Paint

I love to add patterns in a room to create interest. Although solid colors are very acceptable and create the base of a design, adding complementary patterns can help you introduce multiple colors helping to tie them together for the best harmony.

Family Room With Mixed Patterns, Colors, and Textures

How have the roles of color and pattern evolved in home décor over time?

Throughout the history of design, colors and patterns have evolved quite dramatically. I remember growing up, if a surface didn’t have a pattern on it the room was incomplete—bold wallpaper on the walls mixed with a floral bedspread and pillows complete with matching, patterned lampshades.

Design trends now have an even mix of pattern and colors applied for a more balanced design.

Family Room With Modern Design

How do I choose colors and patterns that work in my preferred design style?

Design style is truly subjective. When working with clients, I like to suggest that they start by creating a design file. This can be done by clipping images from magazines or from design websites, then note what is it in the space you like.

Many times, as a designer, we can detect the style you are gravitating towards to create your personal interior design style.

Design Manager Showing Customer Home Design Options in Magazine

Where should I introduce color and pattern to a room’s decorations in my home?

I typically like to create a neutral foundation and use color and patterns sparingly.

An easy way to accomplish this is to add color and patterns in pillows, area rugs, and artwork. This also allows you to easily make a color or pattern change without having to alter everything in the room, giving the space a refreshed look or feel.

Neutral-Toned Living Room

What are examples of pairings of color and pattern in a room that work really well, and why do these combinations work?

When pairing color and patterns together, my suggestion is to not overdo it. A little bit can go a long way.

It is okay to mix and match them, but when doing so you need to keep in mind the scale of the combination.

For instance, if you are looking to add pillows to your neutral sofa, you may want to add in a small geometric print, then layer a complementary pattern on top. This will give you better proportions and not feel so overwhelming.

Family Room Sofa With Mixed-Pattern Pillows

Seeing your home design vision come to life is so rewarding! Get even more of our decorating tips to make your home the envy of the whole neighborhood.


Christy Scanlon
Christy Scanlon


Christy oversees daily operations as Masterpiece Design Group’s President/COO, but her creative drive also allows her to help deliver distinct design for individual projects. Ingenuity is in Christy’s nature, and her strong business mind and artistic passion were evident early on in life. She started thinking about running a business at the age of 15, and by 17, she was designing and creating her own line of “art jackets.” Later, after years of working in the interior design world, Christy and her mother Carol saw the opportunity to create a full-service design firm—and the rest is history. Now, Christy is highly regarded throughout the builder and design community as a recognized speaker on current design trends. Most recently, she has served as a judge and speaker at the Best in American Living Awards (BALA) and has lectured at both the Greater Orlando Builders Association (GOBA) and Southeast Building Conference (SEBC). In her free time, Christy loves traveling, fishing, or attending sports events with her husband, Don, and their two children, Jacob and Rylie.

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