New Home Construction in Naperville, Illinois

Families who want to stay close to Chicago but also desire living in a suburban town will love Naperville, Illinois. Our new homes for sale are being constructed in Naperville by M/I Homes, and the next one could be yours! Whether you’re looking for a starter home or want to settle into the residence you’ll be retiring in, Naperville is an inviting community for those from all walks of life.


New Homes in Naperville, IL

Families looking for a city to grow in can choose to call Naperville their new home. This suburb just outside the Windy City has many amenities to offer its visitors and residents, which is why M/I Homes is continuing to build new homes in Naperville within Chicagoland.

Construction within this community is conducted by experienced new home builders, and you will always get a say on the building process. From picking out floorplans to choosing granite patterns, you’ll be able to put your own touch on a brand new home.

Keep reading to learn more about the exceptional customer service provided by M/I Homes, the activities in city of Naperville, new homes for sale in the area, and more!

area 39.24 sq mi
median home price $381,900
median household income $105,585

Naperville is an acclaimed place to live because of its high quality of life and small-town charm.

Every family member will appreciate Naperville’s vibrant history and plans for a responsible future. Dedicated to their community, Naperville’s residents have worked together to preserve the town’s picturesque scenery and landscaping while also finding time for volunteering, going sight-seeing, and having fun!

Discover the neighborhood and all it has to offer

Discover what’s around the community, plan your commute, and find the perfect dinner spot.

Centennial Beach
2.8 miles
Historic Downtown Naperville
3.4 miles
Naperville Riverwalk
3.1 miles

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M/I Homes is a home builder in Naperville, Illinois that provides customers with guidance on building the house that’s just right for them. If you want more information on this, reach out to our team today!