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Is there anything better than knowing you nailed your home’s interior design?

One of the best parts of decorating your home is finding exactly what colors, themes, and uses speak to you in each room.

For instance—in 2020 my husband and I converted our two spare bedrooms into rooms we knew we’d use much more: a home office and a closet room! Now we use those two rooms every day, rather than just letting them be storage rooms with the doors SHUT.

One of the reasons we use these rooms every day is because we chose colors, themes, and decorations that we both love. We kept the rooms simple. We kept the rooms monochrome.

Here’s inspiration from some M/I Homes model homes that use monochrome home design that you’ll want to copy in your home this weekend.

Monochromatic Home Office

Since I mentioned my monochrome home office I wanted to start with this simple, yet stunning black and white home office in one of our Tampa, Florida model homes:

Monochrome Black and White Home Office

Notice how every detail ties back to these two main colors, and how your eye is magnetically drawn all around this space. Even the ceiling is painted to match the theme. Flawless.

If you’re craving even more black and white throughout your home, check out this entire black and white home for more inspiration.

Monochromatic Foyer

What better way to get that wow factor from your guests immediately after they set foot in your home!

Monochrome Gray Foyer

To let the drama of this dark entryway accent wall remain the main event of this walkway, the other decorative items in this Columbus model home are strategically minimal and complementary.

Speaking of minimalism, if your home décor style strays more towards basic color schemes and sparse furniture, get all the details you need for the perfect minimalist look in your home.

Monochromatic Bedroom

A bedroom might be the best place to try monochrome first in your home to see if you love it as much as you think you will.

Monochrome White Bedroom Monochrome Black and White Bedroom

A simple color scheme with bedroom essentials could create the perfect oasis of relaxation in a bedroom.

Choose matching furniture, keep throw pillows to a minimum, and stick to 1-2 colors with only few decorative pieces on dressers and walls.

Monochromatic Flex Room

If you build with M/I Homes, you’ll hear a lot about the flexABILITY in our home designs.

Since we’re all about floorplans and layouts that accommodate how you really live today, many of our home plans offer a flex room, and it’s truly inspiring to see the numerous creative uses our homeowners have dreamed up for this space:

  • Wine tasting room
  • Home school room
  • Play room
  • Music room
  • Art studio

This home’s flex room showcases a monochromatic media room that adults and kids alike can get cozy in:

Monochrome Black and White Media Room

From the details in the textured accent wall to the dreamiest little kids’ tent, there’s everything to love about this monochrome room.

Monochromatic Kitchen

For a space you’ll really use every day, try the monochrome look in your kitchen!

Monochrome White Kitchen

The white-on-white really brightens and opens up this kitchen and ties into the other simplistic design elements like the pendant lights, stainless steel appliances, and light-toned wood.

Get the Monochrome Look in Your Home

Now, monochrome does not have to mean that strictly neutral colors are used. In fact, your monochrome room colors could be pink, blue, or any color that speaks to you!

Find even more monochrome interior design inspiration and tackle your next home design project this weekend!


Amy Busse
Amy Busse


As the Design Studio Manager in Cincinnati, Amy brings years of experience, expertise, and knowledge to her role. She has been with M/I Homes since 2014 and has helped many homebuyers design their home from start to finish. Her time in the home building industry began in 2003, and ever since, she has had a passion for turning a buyer’s dream into reality! She enjoys utilizing her creative abilities to transform an idea into a finished product. From color palettes to features and more, Amy has a talent for crafting a modern, polished look that is unique to each buyer. Her knowledge of interior design, the latest trends, and high quality products makes her one of the best resources in the industry!

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