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Do you feel armed with the resources you need to confidently help clients through the home building process? If you're like the 55%* of other real estate agents who feel they need more help, M/I Homes is here to help provide guidance, helpful tools, and assistance for new construction REALTORS® and real estate professionals.

The Path to Success as a New Home Construction Real Estate Agent

As you well know, purchasing a home is a huge decision for anyone, and your clients want to feel on top of all the details and steps involved in the process.

Keep Your Clients Informed About Available New Homes for Sale

First things first, take advantage of our free resources to help you confidently guide your clients!

Next, leverage the New Home Consultants onsite at our new home communities. 2/3 of real estate agents who have sold at least 3 M/I homes have characterized their communication with our onsite and Internet sales staff as informative, helpful, and consistent.* Our onsite sales staff will provide as many updates as possible, keeping both you and your clients up-to-date on the latest news with their homes.

Questions to Ask Our New Home Consultants

  • What is the popularity in this community, and when is the optimal time to schedule an appointment for my clients?
  • Can I review my client’s purchase agreement before they sign?
  • What meetings should I attend with my client?
  • What happens when my client calls me about questions regarding their new home?
  • Can I attend their Design Studio appointment?
  • Will I be notified when the closing is scheduled?
  • Can I take pictures of their home for my social media profiles?
  • Can I visit the home during construction with my clients?

Did you know that M/I Homes’ Welcome to Better blog regularly publishes content to not only help in the home buying process, but also even in the homeownership process post-closing? Know where to point your clients to online resources that can help them get their hands on as much information as possible.

Know Your Current Opportunities to Sell New Construction

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Next, arm yourself with the knowledge you need to field any of your clients' questions:

  • Learn about REALTOR®/real estate agent commission in your area
  • Watch for events in your area: Go with your clients to grand openings, model tours, dusty boots tours, etc. Only 31%* of real estate agents who have sold M/I homes in the past have attended an event at one of our communities-how much more well-equipped could they be if they toured our models, witnessed our construction quality, and met with our New Home Consultants first!
  • Talk with our team about homesites, upcoming phases, etc.

Guide Your Clients Through the New Home Building Timeline

Nearly 36% of new homebuyers that our real estate agents have worked with are looking to build a home for the first time, so hold their hand as they experience all of these new steps towards homeownership!*

  • Timeframes for building a home from the ground up: This process will be longer than purchasing a resale or a Quick Move-In home, and the length of the construction depends on availability of building materials among other considerations. If your clients ask you how long it will take their home to be built, ask your New Home Consultant contact for the best estimate.
  • Timeframes for purchasing a Quick Move-In home: We offer many Quick Move-In opportunities for your clients who need to be in their new home fast! See available homes that have already had their construction started in your area.
  • Financing, Design, Closing, etc.
  • Home to sell: Help your clients sell their home in time to move into their brand new home seamlessly!

Understand What Sets M/I Homes Above the Rest

Take the Next Steps to Connect Your Clients

Ready to help your clients find their dream M/I Home as their trusted REALTOR®/real estate agent? Let’s connect.

*M/I Homes’ New Construction Real Estate Agent Survey data collected Spring 2021 with over 300 respondents who have sold at least one M/I Home. Survey data is original to M/I Homes, Inc.


Reyna Estrada
Reyna Estrada


Reyna Estrada has been with M/I Homes since 2008. As a National Manager of Internet Sales, the team mission is to serve our customers on their online home buying journey with speed, efficiency, and world-class service. Reyna and her family have lived in North Carolina for over 20 years, and they enjoy world traveling and volunteering in the community.

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