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Bohemian home décor is a decades-old, classic style, but it’s taking modern homes by interior design storm. With an intriguing use of pattern and textiles without being overwhelming, unique furniture shapes, and an overall laid-back vibe, it’s no wonder homeowners everywhere love boho home décor.

If you’re looking for an overall style that looks effortless, yet put together in every single room of your house, look no further than the bohemian style. Read through for design inspiration for subtle, unique tweaks to standard boho interiors: beachy, neutral, rustic, and DIY.

Beachy Boho Home Décor: How to Decorate Your New Sarasota Home

Living in sunny Sarasota, there’s no better way to decorate your house that matches the Florida culture than with beachy, boho home décor. It’s a popular choice that you’ve probably seen in at least one of your neighbors' interiors!

Our expert M/I Homes Design Team helps homeowners personalize the home of their dreams—from choosing floorplans and home layouts that fit your family’s lifestyle to finishing touches like hardware, paint colors, and more.

Here’s what Sarasota Design Studio Manager, Monique Ouillette, thinks about coastal boho styles:

“Coastal boho is one of the easiest and most fun styles to incorporate into your modern home. Choosing a gradient color palette is a great way to start—popular colors are shades of blue like navy, turquoise, teal, and light blue to create a calming and tranquil beach feeling. Homeowners can incorporate these colors in small pieces like tablescapes and throw pillows or even paint an accent wall a beautiful blue.”

This fun bedroom encapsulates the bright, exciting feeling of beachy boho style. With the ever-changing shades of blue and multiple textures, it’s a unique room that is sure to please.

Beachy Boho Home Décor to Buy:

  • Multiple throw pillows in different textures
  • Gauzy curtains and window treatments for an ocean-like atmosphere
  • Bright bedding that offers a pop and draws the eye
  • Accessories and knick-knacks like shells, candles, and coral for the perfect finishing touches

Monique goes on to say, “Shopping for beachy boho home décor is a breeze. It’s flexible, affordable, and reminds homeowners of their childhood summers. Bamboo chairs, color-popping throw blankets, and sea-like throw pillows are ways to turn your regular room into a coastal style dream.”

Neutral Boho: Create Zen in Your Home

One of the most popular bohemian home styles involves neutrals, neutrals, and more neutrals. You’d be surprised how many shades of white, beige, and cream you can combine in one home.

Neutral boho home décor has gained popularity in recent years thanks to its sleek and minimal style. It’s also the perfect boho home décor style to work with on a budget, which is why younger homeowners and families seem to gravitate towards this effortless, neutral look.

In this gorgeous boho interior, we love this neutral owner’s bedroom. With subtle shades of gray, white, and cream, it’s sophisticated yet relaxed—the perfect blend of neutral bohemian style.

Neutral Boho Home Décor to Buy:

  • Textured rugs – don’t be afraid to double layer the rugs for a cozier look, too
  • Real or fake plants and greenery – plants pop against a soft neutral boho home décor background and are easy to move around the room for a change of scenery
  • Soft, textured bedding – neutral boho home décor embraces the cozy side of boho interiors

Rustic Boho Home Décor

Another great bohemian style is a rustic twist on this classic aesthetic. From more wood textiles to chalkboard paint, you can let your inner hippie shine while embracing a homey, atmosphere.

Think family, fun, and love: all the feelings that home emits. Bring these elements into a rustic boho home through thoughtful wall hangings, furniture that encourages gathering, and natural colors on the wall.

A light-filled space just waiting for family movie nights, this living room in our Trevesta community screams rustic boho. Enjoy nights with the family watching movies in this relaxed setting.

Rustic boho home décor offers a great opportunity to unleash your inner flower child!

Rustic Home Décor to Buy:

  • Bring in nature – natural moss, greenery, flowers, and any cool textures from nature make perfect complements to rustic home décor
  • Warm colors and tones – use these anywhere in the room, from big features like the couch to smaller accessories like vases, books, or candles

DIY Boho: Perfect for Your New Sarasota Home

Want to bring out your creative side when switching to boho home décor? Take a DIY swing on decorating your home with handmade projects that add a personal touch; these additions just might be more valuable than the expensive vintage piece you want to pick up at the flea market.

Did you love the boho room above? There are easy ways to DIY many of this room’s pieces. From embroidering textured-throw pillows, printing out canvas, or creating a wall hanging with feathers, you don’t need to spend a fortune when DIY-ing a bohemian interior.

DIY Boho Home Décor to Buy:

  • Your supplies! Luckily, DIY-ing a bohemian style only involves buying craft supplies. A nice wooden rod, some yard, scissors, paint, and your imagination and you are ready to go!

Embrace Modern Boho Home Décor

Boho home décor is a must-try for homeowners this year, and modern Sarasota homes are reflecting this classic, sophisticated style. Speak with your M/I Homes Design Team if you’re searching for a new home or visit your local home improvement store for easy boho inspiration.


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