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​From current homeowners looking to reinvent their home design, to those looking to purchase new construction, to those embarking on the selection process in M/I Homes’ Design Center, I invite you to peruse the below trending styles and see how you can begin to incorporate them into your home design vision!

The Use of More Color

​Warm neutrals, a hallmark of 2019, are now being replaced by bold colors not so recently explored. Shades of pink are making a comeback including soft peachy corals or terra cotta, which initially took off as popular colors in the 1920s. Try blending with matte brass hardware or furniture, or walnut or warmer wood tones to balance out this new color of 2020. Bold colors go great in bedrooms, where you want a more dramatic effect.

Mixed Patterns

​Try layering patterns for tabletop and textile designs for an artistic, yet complementary look. Remember when mixing patterns to pick colors that go well together and make sure to vary the origin and scale of the patterns for a look that flows.

​Rules of mixing patterns:

  • Use at least 3 patterns in a room and vary the scale: one large, one medium, and one small. It’s okay to mix one large and two mediums as well.
  • When selecting colors, use colors that are the same intensity. For example, don’t mix pastels with jewel tones. Different patterns can often work well together if they are of the same hues.
  • Distribute patterns evenly throughout the room.
  • Mix in solid colors with patterns in order to avoid making the room look chaotic.

Bold Trim and Ceilings

​High contrast design (white walls with black trim, for example) are a big hit right now. Have fun with your ceiling and paint it a bold color or incorporate a wallpapered ceiling for a dramatic and artistic addition to your home. This trend is currently seen mostly in powder rooms and is expected to expand into bedrooms and living spaces in the coming year.

Natural Luxury

​Marble finishes are now trending in bathrooms and kitchens along with marble accent pieces such as vases, bowls, and candleholders. Linen is now incorporated into home design, but in beautiful jewel tones, with finished, more modern edges to feel polished, instead of the boho-fringed edging seen in the past.

​Other items and fabrics used to continue to allow a homeowner to connect with nature in the home include houseplants as well as natural materials like cane, raffia, grasscloth, and raw/rustic woods.

Two-Toned Kitchens

​Two-toned kitchens are beginning to replace white kitchens, which would include examples such as black base cabinets with white uppers or colored cabinetry blended with a wood island, adding a bit of pop. Or, choose a more bold, painted cabinet to highlight your center island.

Dark-Painted Doors

​Make a statement and enhance a room’s design element with a rich, dark colored door. Much like the bold trim starting to emerge, a dark, painted door can add an artistic element, warmth, and artistic drama to any room in your home.

Fun Small Space Designs

​Bathrooms, tech nooks, and mud rooms are perfect small spaces to experiment with fun wallpaper and/or colors to express your more whimsical side.

​Ready to welcome your home’s design to the new decade? What new home design trends are you going to try?


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As Internet Sales Manager in Minneapolis, Allison has been in the real estate industry for nearly 15 years. She has always enjoyed helping buyers find their homes within our numerous communities throughout the Twin Cities. In her free time, Allison enjoys writing, trying new restaurants, and seeing live music, and she uses her innate knowledge of the area to help buyers love their hometown!

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