I love the holidays with all the twinkling lights, festive decorations, cheerful sounds, and delicious smells. Taking the time to think about each person and what kind of gift I should get for them is something that simply brings me joy.

What doesn’t bring me joy is the mess I make when wrapping presents. Don’t get me wrong. I love wrapping presents. I have so much fun making the bows myself, even making custom gift cards for each present. But oh! The mess!

One of our model home’s designers found the perfect solution when they converted an unused closet into a wrapping room. That’s right: a special space 100% dedicated to wrapping presents. This was such an amazing idea and great use of a small space.

Our talented designers installed rods to hold rolls of wrapping paper, purchased cute boxes to organize the ribbon, hung hooks on the wall for gift bags, and even suggested we add a base cabinet to the closet for storage. And the best part of this clever space is that you can leave all your wrapping supplies out and just close the door. Presto! Your house is still clean and in order.

Seeing that small space be turned into something so usable and efficient got me thinking. Downstairs in one of our models was a rather large secondary coat closet. Sure, we could use it to show storage, but I had a better idea! I love wine, especially around the holidays when entertaining friends and family. Why not convert this into a personal wine closet? How cool and efficient is that!

The designers changed out the solid door for one with a glass panel and added a chest that could be used as a bar. They installed wine racks on the wall and hung a petite sphere chandelier to make the space feel extra special. It’s always a showstopper in this model!

So, as you look around your home this year or are thinking of how you will use the space in the new home you’re about to purchase, think about how you could use some of the small spaces in an unexpected manner. Do you need a place to wrap presents all year long? Or perhaps need somewhere to store the special bottles of wine you received as a gift this Christmas? A closet that typically goes unnoticed could become your favorite spot in your home. Check out more of our great design tips!


Reyna Estrada


Reyna Estrada has been with M/I Homes since 2008. As an Internet Sales Manager, she is fully versed on the homes offered in the Triangle, as well as topics like home ownership, design trends, and things to do in the area. Reyna and her family have lived in the Triangle for almost 20 years, and they enjoy traveling and exploring new cultures.