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1. Let’s start at the beginning: tell us a little about yourselves!

My name is Ravi, and my fiancée is Nikita. I'm from NY, and she's from Toronto. We got engaged in late 2019 and began looking for a home, but our plans got put on hold. I moved to Atlanta temporarily and found a new career opportunity based out of Research Triangle Park.

2. You recently closed on a townhome in Durham. What drew you to that area and M/I Homes?

We began looking at homes in late 2020, never intending to purchase a new construction initially, but we kept our options open. We came across many different builders, and M/I Homes stood out to us.

Location was very important to us, but also home design and community. M/I Homes checked off all those boxes, plus they were so fairly priced and the staff were incredibly friendly.

3. Was this your first time buying a home?

Yes, we are both first-time homebuyers.

4. What was the easiest part about purchasing your home? What was the hardest?

Our New Home Consultant, Rachel, and Construction Manager, Brandon, kept open communication and were responsive to our questions day and night. This eased our minds throughout the process. The hardest part was the actual moving from such a long distance.

5. Being out of state your home building journey relied on technology and virtual meetings. How did the virtual aspect affect your experience?

We were extremely happy in how the home was coming along so we had no concerns regarding the building process. I had initially planned on visiting several times before closing to make sure everything was going smoothly and even familiarize myself with the area; however, Rachel was so proactive in sending us photos and videos and keeping us informed weekly that we never felt uneasy throughout the process.

6. What are you enjoying about your new home?

We absolutely love the open layout and the amount of light that comes through. The deck is one of my favorite places to come out in the evening and have a drink and watch the sunset. It's very peaceful and relaxing.

Even after closing several months ago, M/I Homes continues to help us willingly when we reach out about anything. The relationship doesn't end when you close your home with M/I Homes, and that's what I really appreciate.

7. What advice would you share with future homeowners?

Be prepared to do your own homework. Compare homes and come up with a list of questions. Ask the tough questions and don't feel embarrassed. There were many times I didn't know the lingo, but I asked anyway and I'm happy I did!

It’s special that Ravi and Nikita are to reunite and begin an exciting new chapter in their beautiful new townhome! Purchasing a home can be stressful, especially if you’re not local to the area. Ravi and Nikita asked great questions up front and throughout the process.

Together with their real estate agent, we were a team and all had the same goal in mind: get Ravi and Nikita to Closing as happy and seamlessly as possible.

Communication is truly the most important thing in a home building process. There are lots of moving parts, and things can change weekly. Having an open line of communication allowed us to address questions and concerns as they came and gave us the opportunity to celebrate the big and small milestones along the way.

The construction process of a home is spectacular to witness, and I love that technology takes down any barriers.

Each homeowner who builds with M/I Homes has a unique story. We are grateful to be a part of it and walk the home building journey together.


Rachel Torres
Rachel Torres


Rachel started her real estate career with M/I Homes in June 2017. Prior to her role as an Internet Sales Manager, she assisted buyers all over the Triangle area as a New Home Consultant. Rachel grew up in Raleigh and stayed close to home, attending North Carolina State University (Go Wolfpack!). She currently lives in Durham in a home she built with M/I Homes, and she appreciates everything the growing area has to offer. Rachel loves helping buyers begin the exciting journey of homeownership. She believes communication is key and the customer experience is the primary focus. When she’s not working, Rachel enjoys taking family walks through the neighborhood, catching up on reading for book club, and playing with her sweet, silly toddler.

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