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What Is a Morning Room?

A morning room is a sunny living space where homeowners can catch up with guests, work from home, or simply get in some rest and relaxation.

With their copious windows, intimate seating space, and virtually endless uses, morning rooms are a highly desirable new home feature for good reason. Learn how to decorate your morning room with these ideas from our professionally decorated model homes!

Neutral-Colored Morning Room With Rattan Accent Chairs and Statement Ceiling

Morning Room Decorating Ideas

Morning room décor is all about creating an inviting, warm space, whether you plan to get everyday use out of it or show it off primarily when hosting.

Entertaining Area for Guests

One of the most common takes on a morning room is a casual entertainment space where homeowners can have guests over to catch up over coffee or tea.

Morning Room With Large Sectional and Wooden Coffee Table

This is an especially suitable idea for your morning room if you host in-laws or other overnight guests frequently at your home, since it provides a welcoming place to sit down and catch up as soon as they arrive and before they start unpacking.

Get the Look:

You’ll need a setup that invites conversation in this morning room décor theme:

  • 4+ matching chairs
  • Gentle, cool-toned colors
  • A coffee table that can fit coffee or tea service or simple tabletop décor
  • An area rug to warm up the space
Blue Morning Room With 4 Chairs

Home Office

Those who work from home can utilize the morning room as a light-filled home office or study, as long as the space is intentionally laid out to avoid screen glare.

Many morning rooms enjoy backyard views through their many windows, which can create a peaceful, private environment for buckling down to get some work or writing done.

Morning Room With Home Work Space

Get the Look:

Go for a distraction-free, efficient zone you’ll enjoy working in:

  • Neutral colors
  • A spacious desk facing the windows (not away from them)
  • A comfortable office chair
  • Bookshelves
  • A second seating area option

Dining Nook

Some choose to use their morning room as a formal or second dining space, which allows more friends and family to enjoy the views from this room!

The key here is not to overcrowd the space. Don’t cram guests in at the table if your morning room can’t quite fit the table size you need comfortably.

Dining Table in Morning Room

Get the Look:

Create a light and bright space to emphasize all the natural light here:

  • Warm, light-toned colors
  • A dining table that allows plenty of wiggle room around it
  • A small buffet or China cabinet
  • Window drapes for an evening dining option

Sitting Room

If you have enough entertaining spaces throughout your home and just want an informal area to browse social media, meal plan for the week, or start your day in peace and quiet, opt for a quaint sitting room setup.

Morning Room With Comfortable Sofa and Industrial Lighting Fixture

Get the Look:

Prioritize comfort and convenience for your oasis:

  • Your favorite colors, wall art, and/or area rug
  • Plush seating—an accent chair and a sectional for different options
  • A small coffee table
  • Statement lighting

Reading Lounge

Escape to enjoy your favorite pastime by creating a reading room! Morning rooms are perfect fits since they provide plenty of light throughout the day and give you your own sanctuary while the little one naps or when you have a cozy weekend in.

Morning Room With Wallpaper and Reading Area

Get the Look:

You’ll need a well-lit space that you can relax in comfortably:

  • Light colors that bounce off light
  • Reading lights
  • A recliner, chaise lounge, and/or sofa for comfortable, long-term seating
  • Bookshelves
  • Blanket throws and pillows

Colorful Living Area

Maybe you want to go a little bold with your morning room and set apart a space from the rest of your home’s living areas. We’re here for it!

Choose a color scheme and pattern and make a fun hangout option for your household and guests alike.

Morning Room With Statement Furniture

Get the Look:

Once you’ve decided how much you want to commit to the space, create a colorful, yet still efficient hangout area:

  • Stick to 1–2 colors so as not to overwhelm the size of the room
  • Choose either a bold wall color or bold furniture—not both
  • Add seating and tables that can accommodate appetizers and wine, coffee, etc. to get plenty of use at any time of day

From a music room to a reading room or anything in between, your morning room can flex for whatever fits your lifestyle! Learn more about flex rooms and their boundless potential.


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