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​We all know and love the feeling of cozying up with a good book or movie, grabbing a glass of wine for a bubble bath, or even meditating or doing yoga by candlelight. There's just something about lighting up a room in your home with that warm, comforting glow.

​Sometimes, though, when the candle inventory gets low, you're left with only candles that don't quite go together, such as "juicy pomegranate" and "clean cotton"—not really a great combo. It really is an art to burn the right candles together!

​Here are our quick tips to make sure you have the best candles for your home on hand!

Make Separate Wish Lists Before Buying Candles

​One thing that can really help you keep the right mix of candles on hand is to only make lists of scents that could potentially go great together, before you go out on a candle buying spree (looking at you, Bath & Body Works semi-annual sale frequenters).

​Many well-known candle companies have helpful tips on their websites' blogs to help you pair various scents together, but there are also some foolproof guidelines to burn the right candles at the same time:

  • Sweet + Spice—like brown sugar and cinnamon!
  • Clean + fresh—like fresh rain and cucumber!
  • Citrus + floral—like orange and bergamot!
  • Woodsy + herbal—like sandalwood and lavender!

Still having a hard time finding the perfect pairing? Get more inspiration from The Candle Lab (and then make your own!).

Set the Perfect Scene

What aura are you hoping to achieve in your home? A hazy day at the beach? An enticing, freshly baked aroma? A calming ambiance to melt away stress? Are your candles creating a continuum of wonderful scents from one room to the next, or are you filling your great room? You'd be surprised what other key elements can make a big difference.

Especially for right after you've just moved in, you'll want to carefully select the right candle color for your new home. Beautiful blue candles can be strategically placed around the room with smaller white candles in between them to achieve that beachy atmosphere. Bringing a new season into your home? Try orange and red candles for fall, or a tasteful (but not overwhelming) mix of other holiday colors.

Try to also envision where you're going to curl up with a good book vs. get the creative juices flowing or power through some work. Choosing which rooms inspire which activities can also help you select candles for your new home that will help you relax and work like a pro!

Choose Scented Candles You Won't Tire of Easily

Sure, pine and cinnamon are easily found among candle scents, but they might get old fast as the holiday season winds down. Give yourself an array of scents to keep on rotation.

You might also want to invest in options of healthy candles for home, especially around the kiddos or when burning them quite frequently. Soy candles are a wonderful alternative that go a long way in filling the air with less harmful fragrances (and they typically have a longer burn-life!). If you're still finding that a member of your family is easily prone to headaches or sinus irritation when burning candles, try a room spray or diffusing essential oils.

Learn How to Burn Candles the Right Way

We all know not to leave candles burning for too long or burn them next to something flammable, but did you know that there is proper candle maintenance to keep your jar candles, wax, and wicks functioning properly? Practicing good candle upkeep can make your candles last longer and look better!

DIY Candles

Looking for a project for arts and crafts night? Making your own hand poured candles can be fun! A few tips might come in handy before you buy that candle making set:

  1. First time? Consult a beginner's guide prior to embarking on creating your own candles. (Trust us, you'll be glad you did.)
  2. Be prepared for mess. As long as you don't mind cleaning up some spilled wax here and there, you'll love making your own candles, but plan your workspace accordingly!
  3. Practice, practice, practice! Homemade candles make great gifts, especially beeswax candles!

Selling Your Home? Put Your Candle Knowledge to Use

The old cliché of creating an illusion of freshly baked cookies during an open house isn't fooling anyone these days. Instead, try "sticking with one simple scent," advises Eric Spangenberg, Dean of the University of California. A carefully selected, sparingly used scent can go a long way in helping prospective buyers fall in love with a home. The best candle scent for selling a home? Just stick with a classic: lemon!

Ready to put these quick tips to work? What does your home candle collection include?


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