How to Make Your Old Furniture Work in a New Space

September 6, 2013

Most people don’t start from scratch with every new home they occupy; our furniture follows us, and we have to make it work where we end up. But accepting that fact doesn’t make it any less annoying to find that your old dining set looks dated in your new kitchen, or that your sectional sofa is blocking the flow in your new living room. Read More »

How a New Home Can Reduce Your Insurance Risk

August 12, 2013

Learn from guest blogger Samantha Alexander about the benefits to owning a new home when it comes to home insurance. Exploring the many benefits to new homes vs. used when it comes to insurance risk, Samantha details several considerations that are helpful for home buyers. Read More »

Spruce Up Your Front Porch for Spring

May 17, 2013

First impressions are important and that is especially true for the outside of your house. A porch is one of the first things that welcomes guests to a home, so it is prudent to make it look clean and inviting. Aside from impressing visitors, a porch can be one of the most relaxing places to hang out during warmer months. Read More »

Tips for Living in a Small Space With Pets (AKA: Don’t Be the “Smelly House Friend”)

May 16, 2013

We’ve all got friends like this (or maybe you’re the friend). You go over to their house, and it’s covered in pet hair and smells like a barn. There’s no reason to blame the pets in this instance — there are certainly things that you can do, even living in a small space, that will keep you from being the “smelly house friend.” Read More »

5 Sweet and Subtle Floral Décor Ideas

May 2, 2013

Read 5 ideas to tastefully add florals throughout the rooms in your home this spring. Read More »

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