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Pets love routine, familiarity, and comfortable, soft places to sleep in. Here are our recommendations for some of the best spots in your home for your pets as well as what you’ll need to make this the homiest area just for them!

Mom and Daughter Petting Dog

Where to Set Up Your Pet Room

A pet room doesn’t mean your fur babies have to stay there all the time, but it does help keep them comfortable (and away from your family heirloom furniture).

Laundry Room With Pet Décor and Storage

Areas for Big Dogs

Medium- to large-sized dogs will most likely prefer an open area to lounge in, rather than an enclosed, tight spot.

Give them a place with the family by setting up a corner of your family room or loft. They’ll want to be where you are!

Yellow Lab Sleeping on Bed in Family Room

Areas for Little Dogs

A designated laundry room or mud room station keeps all your dog’s gear consolidated into one spot, while giving them a cozy retreat to snuggle up for a nap.

This area also makes sure that dirty paws, wet fur, and other inevitable messes are easily amended, rather than dragged throughout your entire home.

Small Dog Station in Laundry Room

A pet room under the stairs is another great option if you’re up for a slightly larger project. Your small dogs can have a familiar sanctuary all their own, and this frees up other areas of your home if you need the space.

Under-the-Stairs Dog Room

Get inspiration for making an under-the-stairs room.

Areas for Cats

With cats, there’s obviously the litter box to consider. Opt for an area away from the guest areas, but preferably a place with a window nearby, since part of their daily routine is surveilling the neighborhood!

Cat Sleeping on Cat Tower

Your cozy cat environment should also include their favorite toys, a nearby heat register, and a spot on the floor where sunshine hits during the day. For some extra comfort repurpose a few blankets, towels, or t-shirts as more places to curl up in your cat corner, and always keep a few boxes around for some entertainment.

What to Stock Your Pet Area With

  • Plush bed; cat tree for cats
  • Toys + toy basket
  • Water + food bowls
  • T-R-E-A-Ts (in a secure, out-of-reach location)
  • Outdoor gear (leash, vest, etc.)
  • Adoption and medical documents
  • Cleaning materials
Dog Room

A luxury pet room is perfect if you have pets instead of kids! Go all out:

  • TV
  • Elevated bed, floor bed, and/or heated bed options
  • Soft blankets and pillows
  • Automatic treat dispenser
  • A mini-wardrobe for their ‘fits
  • …and of course all the toys in the world
Dog With Lots of Toys on Bed

Creating a pet room in your home will consolidate shedding, mess, and smell to one area, while keeping your beloved furry friends snug and warm in a place all their own.


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