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Building Our Home: The Overwhelming Trip to the Design Center

August 19, 2016

Read one happy homeowner's firsthand experience going through our Design Center in Cincinnati and choosing design options to personalize her new home in the Cincinnati area! From kitchen design to paint colors to bathroom fixtures, our Design Consultants are here to help the process a little less overwhelming. Read More »

Lighted Mirrors: Get Ready for Your Close-Up

June 29, 2016

Though not traditionally viewed as the most glamorous room in the home, the bathroom has become a personal oasis—a haven for health, beauty and general rejuvenation. A lighted mirror is a small addition to the bathroom that instantly elevates its functionality and style. Read More »

Smart Homes – Security Systems and Cameras

May 6, 2016

Previously, we wrote about Smart Home products that you can use to update your garage and outdoor living space. Now, we’ve done some research about Smart Home security systems and security cameras that can help make your life easier while also raising the security level of your home! Read More »

Boost Curb Appeal with Fabulous Fencing

April 12, 2016

Fencing not only acts as an extra layer of security or privacy, but it also gives a tremendous boost in curb appeal. Here are our top 4 fence options. Read More »

Smart Homes: Garage and Outdoors

February 29, 2016

Explore the benefits of a technologically smart home that can unite your electronics, utilities, and more to simplify homeownership with the touch of a button. Read More »

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