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M/I Homeowner, Constance Camman (Connie), resides in Gahanna, Ohio with her two yorkies, Rocky and Simon, in her first ever home. Connie purchased her M/I Home in 1999, and has lived there ever since. She is originally from New York and relocated to Columbus from Pittsburgh to attend dental school at The Ohio State University. Four years out of school, Connie purchased her practice, Constance Camman, DDS, from a retired doctor and bought her dream home in Columbus, Ohio.

We asked Connie to share her story about finding the perfect home and living in an M/I Home for the past 20 years. Here's what she had to share.


In 1996, Connie drove through a beautiful community in Gahanna, Ohio during a Parade of Homes event. She was immediately stunned by the beautiful landscaping in the secluded community that featured a gorgeous meadow, creek, and surrounding woods. Little did she know, her future home was just about to break ground in this community.


At this point in Connie’s life, she was finally ready to purchase her first home. Throughout the past three years, Connie continued to pass this same community unexpectedly, whether it was on her way to work, the grocery store, or during a trip to visit Creekside in Gahanna.

After looking at various homes, Connie’s realtor informed her about an event taking place at the finished, M/I Homes model home in the community that she ironically kept stumbling upon. Connie could not pass up the opportunity, so she, her realtor, and her best friend, Lisa, went to the event. The model home was built on the corner lot, situated next to the meadow and creek that she absolutely adored. She also loved how the surrounding woods made this lot feel more secluded.

When they arrived at the event, which Connie described as “more of a party”, she was in awe. The open floorplan that was filled with people and the stunning model home decor made her fall in love immediately. If you know Connie, then you know that she loves to entertain, and seeing all those people in that house made her realize how perfect it was for her. Once they finished making their way around the home, touring each and every room, Lisa looked right at Connie with excitement in her eyes, and said “This is your house!”

Dining Room


After the “party” in 1999, Connie purchased that exact home! Today, Connie refers to her home as the “party house”, thanks to her M/I Home that gives her the perfect layout to entertain. The open kitchen and great room lead right out to the secluded backyard deck, which is perfect for Sunday night cookouts in the summer.

Her favorite memories over the past 20 years are hosting the holidays with her family and the surprise that was left for her on the day that she moved in. Connie shared with us that on move-in day, she went upstairs and found all the custom bedding and drapes left for her. It was a complete surprise and she could not have been happier!

When looking for a home, Connie was searching for a first-floor owner’s suite, high ceilings, and a contemporary floorplan that could change with her decorating styles and tastes over the years. After 20 years, this home has exceeded those expectations, which has allowed her to easily remodel in order to keep up with the latest design trends. Overall, Connie is still satisfied with the quality of her M/I Home, even after 20 years.

When we asked Connie if she could go back 20 years and do it all over again, whether she had the option to buy this home or a different one, she said: “Absolutely, I would do it all over again. I’ve been extremely happy here, hence the reason why I've lived here for 20 years!”




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