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Making the decision to downsize is often a stressful, daunting task for many homeowners. Saying goodbye to possessions and moving to a new place is not easy.

As your clients’ trusted real estate professional, you can help make this process simple and even joyful! Here’s how.

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Coach Homebuyers Through the Downsizing Process

If your clients are ready to start looking at new homes and aren’t quite sure what they want or need in their next home yet, start by asking questions to narrow down some options:

  • Are you looking for a home roughly about the same size as your current home, or are you willing to go a little smaller?
  • What are your thoughts about stairs?
  • What will you use extra bedrooms for?
  • What’s on your wish list for how you’d like to live in your new home?
  • How do you feel about minimizing some belongings to make your move simpler and easier?
  • Will you have any help from family for your move?
  • What do you need to live within 15 minutes to?
  • What would you like to aim for as an ideal timeframe to move into your new home?

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Next, explain the benefits of main-level living to your clients. Having everything they need in their daily routine on one floor both rids them of the annoyance of stairs and helps simplify things even more.

Be patient and empathetic as your clients navigate their decision and options. This is a huge life change for them.

"It is important to remember that downsizing events often connect with strong emotions. Clients love their homes and possessions, and leaving them behind is a very tough process for them.” –Vicky Noufal, Platinum Group Real Estate

A great way to help your clients know that they are not alone in their big decision is to share other homebuyers’ experience with downsizing. Give them advice from another homeowner who has been through the process.

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This may be a process that is longer than that of your typical clients’ timeframe, but helping your downsizing clients know they’ve arrived at the right decision will make the rest of the process much smoother.

Leverage Proven Home Downsizing Solutions

Preparation is key to a successful downsize. Some buyers may have copious belongings to go through, so encourage them to start the donate-sell-toss-keep process as soon as possible.

You can even tour communities and amenities while your clients are still going through their things. This could help keep their eyes on the prize and encourage them to continually move forward!

When your clients reach an impasse with some of their possessions during this process, provide resources about what to get rid of.

Keep-Donate-Toss Boxes

“An agent can help the client to categorize their belongings into three different categories: keep, throw away, and others. The ‘others’ section here represents the items that can be donated, sold, or gifted to a friend or family.” –Dustin Fox, Fox Teams

Regularly check in throughout the process to help keep your clients on track with their voiced timeline. Support them often with positivity, encouragement, and validation.

Use a Downsizing Home Checklist

Because the downsizing process can be overwhelming, we created this simple checklist to keep your clients focused and make progress.

Downsizing Home Checklist


Reyna Estrada
Reyna Estrada


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